Paws Jawz Patented

Paws Jawz's Unique Design Patented

Paws Jawz is the original and one-of-a-kind product that makes putting on rubber dog boots easy. It received its US patent # 9833094 in December 2017, and sales and recognition of the device have grown steadily since.

Paws Jawz is not affiliated with Pawz Dog Boots, LLC, based in New York. Instead, the device is designed to make putting rubber Dog Boots on your dog

Our device works perfectly with Pawz Dog Boots. We love the products so much we are also a distributor for them. We think they are the best dog boots on the market as they are reusable and disposable but are incredibly versatile.

Here you can find both products available, making for the ultimate combination for the protection of your dogs’ precious paws.

Ranger’s LLC (dba Paws Jawz)

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