How it all began...

Paws Jawz – Mission

“The mission of the Paws Jawz brand and product is to raise awareness of the need for dog paw protection and to contribute meaningfully to its widespread practice.

We invented a device that makes it vastly easier for dog owners to use dog boots, in particular the best-selling dog boot on the market. By promoting our product, we are promoting our mission, leading to healthier dog paws!”

Dog Boots for WinterAs U.S. expats living in Toronto, my wife and daughters visited family in the states for a week, and I was left to take care of our dog, Alice. I love Alice but quickly came to dread getting those darn boots on her twice a day. Thinking that there had to be a better way, I developed a crude Paws Jawz prototype out of wood…it failed miserably! When my wife and daughters finally stopped laughing, they said the idea was actually good, and that I should keep going.

It was January 2013. To kick things off, I filed a provisional patent (our patent was awarded the following August), then learned all about Elance (an amazing website for freelancers of everything), where I found people to build the CAD designs. From those designs I had 3D Printed prototypes made, wasted THOUSANDS of dollars figuring out packaging, and finally introduced Paws Jawz to the world via Woofstock in May 2014, It was one of the greatest weekends of my life! I’d never been called a genius so many times! We started selling online, and to local pet stores. We met our Canadian distributor, Burgham Sales, during PIJAC in January 2015, then signed with our U.S. distributor, Dog-Ranger, began carrying us that spring.

It’s been very fulfilling to develop a new product and bring it to market, especially when the response has been so wildly positive! This is truly something that makes life just a little bit easier for so many people and their beloved pets.

Disclaimer: Paws Jawz is not affiliated with Pawz Dog Boots.

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