See how  stress free  winter walk prep can be, with Paws Jawz!

Dog Boots Helper - PawsJawz

Paws Jawz is simply the easiest way to use Pawz Dog Boots

These dog bootie helpers only require one hand to hold the boot open so the other hand can guide the paw straight into the shoes for dogs.

Cuts down walk prep time and makes it hassle-free when putting on dog boots for winter, dog rain boots, or dog hiking boots.

Slip effortlessly into rubber dog shoes and protect your dog's paw

Snow, rain, or shine is always mine! Are your hands feeling weak and numb due to the rain or cold? No problem! Just take your dog’s pawz in one hand and the Jawz in the other, then off you go!

Man walking dog

Paws Jawz Patented

About Paws Jawz

This is the first and only product that makes putting on rubber dog boots easy. The device’s sales and recognition have been steadily increasing since it got its US patent # 9833094 in December 2017.

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Quality is in the details.

Lightweight, sturdy plastic material

Reduced labor intensity for people struggling to put on dog boots